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BrainTrainWA plans to establish Neurofeedback as a mainstream alternative to medication or long-term therapy. Neurofeedback improves brain efficiency with direct feedback to the brain on its own performance, and enabling the brain’s own self-regulating capability to adjust its response based upon that feedback.

Just like physical therapy, repeated sessions enable the brain to learn to operate more efficiently on its own. With considerable untapped potential for the UK, Neurofeedback crosses the boundaries of psychology and medicine. It has been shown to improve symptoms of irregular brain function including depression, ADHD and epilepsy and around the world is fast becoming recognised as an effective treatment process.

You will develop training programmes for clients, offering them full support. Travelling around the UK with clinics in London, Home Counties and beyond, you will also visit the USA or Europe, up to twice a year, for initial training and ongoing professional development. In this multi-faceted role you will conduct the initial client consultations as well as make new and on-going appointments, developing the practice and client base. You will have ample opportunities to develop and expand your role and demonstrate your team working and mentoring skills with a growing team of Practitioners.

You will be exceptionally bright, hold a Masters or equivalent and be a quick learner, naturally curious and passionate about making a difference. As an existing healthcare professional or psychologist you must be comfortable and experienced in discussing symptoms with patients and determining appropriate approaches.

You should also be comfortable working on your own, although you will be given all the training and support you need. Supported by a well-defined and extensive marketing strategy we offer a generous bonus scheme.

We are uncompromising in our selection of potential practitioners.

We have strict entry criteria – we require at least a Master’s degree in a related subject and/or extensive experience working with people in a clinical setting.

To work at BrainTrainWA practitioners must demonstrate an ability to work within a client-practitioner relationship and demonstrate a high level awareness of the challenges presented to those relationships within the field of mental health, and the responsibilities these challenges require of practitioners.

Training is part of the process and consists of courses in both the UK and abroad, using 3rd party trainers and our own in-house training to teach how we combine multiple modalities of Neurofeedback with our in-house tools to deliver an approach that leads the field.

At BrainTrainWA, not only do we have our own internal support, we are also part of the world’s largest such support network, which includes supervision with Susan Othmer, described by the Biofeedback Federation of Europe as ‘the world’s most respected clinician’

Applied Neuroscience is still a young field and can be likened to a an enormous cave to be explored, and we believe we have the best ‘torch’ to explore the cave right now.

To apply please email your CV to or for an informal discussion and to find out more information please call 0207 978 0186.

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