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Learn about our transparent pricing structure

When using any type of service we think you should know exactly what you’re paying. Small print and hidden costs annoy us as much as they annoy you. Our fees are simple. We offer ‘Pay as You Go’ (PAYG) prices payable weekly or monthly in advance, but offer significant price incentives if you book a package and pay in advance.

Pay As You Go Prices
Initial Consultation

 (refunded if you go ahead)

Initial Assessment & Neuro Programme design £120
Individual Neurofeedback Sessions (30 minutes of Neurofeedback) £90 per 30 min session
QEEG Brain Mapping and Report (if required)* £349 in London
QEEG Brain Mapping and Report (if required)* £249 in Milton Keynes

The Initial Consultation is charged at £75 and includes a trial session of Neurofeedback. If you go ahead with further Neurofeedback this is credited against your first payment so becomes effectively ‘free’.

Package Prices
Package (all include Initial Assessment & Neuro Programme Design) Launch price List Price
Neurofeedback 20 Session package £1500 £1749
Neurofeedback 10 Session package £850 £999
Neurofeedback 3 Session’Taster’ £299 £349

We recommend you commit to 20 sessions (each session taking approximately 45 minutes from arrival to departure). This ensures there is enough training for the brain to learn and begin to self-regulate effectively. Most clients are also suitable for ‘double sessions’ that last 75 minutes from start to finish. If you are not ready to commit to 20 sessions we also offer a 10 session package.

For those who are unsure if Neurofeedback is for them, we also offer a Neurofeedback ‘Taster’ Programme which consists of an Initial Assessment, Neuro Programme Design and 3 trial Neurofeedback sessions, at a significant discount on the PAYG price. It should be stressed results should not be expected from so few sessions, but this programme is suitable for those serious about Neurofeedback who plan to upgrade to the 10 or 20 session package if the ‘Taster’ sessions are comfortable. We are offering an additional Launch Discount which reduces the price to £75 per session when you book a 20 Session Package and pay in advance, including the Initial Assessment and Individual Neuro Programme Design.

* Whilst a Brain Map is not necessary for Infra-Low Frequency Neurofeedback, some clients appreciate the insight that it can give them on how their brainwaves conpare to the norm, and it can be useful where brain injury is present or suspected, providing additional information to guide the Neuro Programme Design. If you have any questions about our fee structure, please call us today on 0207 978 0186 or email us here.

London Brain Mapping appointments are usually in Harley Street. Other sessions in Harley Street are an additional £30 per session.

Learn about our clinic locations here.

Premium Packages – Neurofeedback training comes to you

For clients who are particularly time poor or who are high profile and need a higher level of discretion than our public clinics provide, we offer a home or hotel training service where we come to you.

Pricing guidelines are £500 per session inside the M25 and £1000 per session elsewhere on the UK mainland.

For clients flying into the UK privately for Neurofeedback with BrainTrainWA we are able to offer packages based at TAG Group’s Aviator Hotel next to TAG Farnborough Airport, or chauffeured transport from Farnborough Airport to your London hotel where we can provide your Neurofeedback.

Overseas pricing on application.

Call today on 0207 978 0286 to discuss our Premium Packages, where we come to you, in complete confidence.
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