Jim’s Story: 21 yo defeats crippling anxiety

Autistic young adult overcomes anxiety of new places and trauma with Neurofeedback

 21-year old Jim is autistic and began suffering suffering from anxiety which was becoming increasingly worse.

As his mother Susan describes “I had heard about Neurofeedback for around 2 years prior to my son using it. Cognititve Behaviour Therapy was an option, but I understood Neurofeedback would help him in a more direct and faster way.

I searched online for local practitioners because Jim would possibly have difficulty travelling to London once or twice a week. And BrainTrainWA seemed a very professional company.

The whole Neurofeedback experience over the weeks was very calm and was held in a relaxed environment – which is ideal for someone with autism.”

“The first time I had Neurofeedback I felt extremely relaxed” recalls Jim, “this feeling continued after every session.”

Susan says “while our main concerns with Jim were initially to treat his anxiety, his sleep pattern was also an issue and we were pleased that Neurofeedback could help with this also.”

Jim responded rapidly, but it was important to continue to embed the learning and get through the stress of returning to college

Jims’ symptoms responded rapidly, but it was important to continue to embed the learning and give him the resilience for returning to college

Jim agrees, “I had difficulty sleeping and had anxiety along with recalling bad memories. After having Neurofeedback I no longer felt anxious, I now get a decent night’s sleep and any trauma from bad memories is gone.”

I now feel able to travel to new places without any anxiety – whereas before I would not attempt to go to new places at all.”

“As parents, we have noticed many changes in Jim over the weeks – he is more social and friendly, more talkative and at ease when we have family gatherings, and generally a happier young adult.”

Jim concludes  “When I went back to college I was a lot more motivated (which we worked on in some sessions). It’s made learning a lot easier too.”

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